There are daily and evening activities to have a go at, as well as testimonies and Bible teaching videos.  Watch the videos and have a go as you want.  Send us plenty of photos to our email:

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Daily Activities

Baking with Val - Banana Loaf:

Crafts with Ellie and Ella  - Jam Jar storage 

Tech Activity with Sarah - Teddy Photo Challenge:

Choose one of the following ideas:

1. Cooking

2. On Camp

3. Social distancing

4. Doing chores

Evening Activity with the Family

Pizza Night! 

Creation to Christ 2 - Babel, Abraham, Slaves in Egypt, Passover

Reflection Points:

1. Why did God inflict 10 plagues on the land of Egypt?

2. What was the state of Pharaoh’s heart before God? What is the state of your heart before God?

3.What attributes/characteristics of God can be seen in how He deals with the children of Israel as
Does he lead them out of Egypt?

4. God gave the nation of Israel away to be saved from judgement. Do you know how He has done
the same for us today?

5.What/who does the Passover Lamb represent and how should we respond to this?

Get to Know a Leader - Sarah Densham

You've arrived at Youth Camp Day 2
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We are a family church, rooted in the local community and passionate about God.  We serve people of the local area and further afield.


Services are held each Sunday at 10:45am and 6pm. Sunday School and young people’s classes available, except when there are Family Services. See chapel notice board for details.



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