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What is My ChurchSuite and why bother?


My ChurchSuite is your way of accessing all aspects of church life at ABC, with it you can:

  1. Keep your personal details up to date (and those of your children)

  2. Keep all emails and communication from ABC in one place

  3. Book tickets for events and check what’s on the church calendar

  4. Communicate within church groups

  5. See when you are next serving on a rota (and make swaps)

  6. Listen to the latest podcasts

  7. Search for the details of other members of ABC (this is subject to both parties agreeing to their personal details being visible to other members of My ChurchSuite)

  8. Quickly access ABC social media and website

  9. Access all relevant church resources

  10. And much more!

My ChurchSuite isn’t just about how it benefits you – our aim is that it will help to build community and communication within ABC. We think it’s totally worth it!

Video explaining what ChurchSuite is

Overview of the ChurchSuite features


ChurchSuite is available on iOS & Android


Click HERE to find support articles to help you

Short 'How to' videos will be coming soon...

Intro to 'My ChurchSuite'

How to update your details

Booking for an event

For group/ church leaders

The Connect Module

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