Services, Meetings & Events

4th April 2021 update

Statement from the Leadership:

We have decided to open the building up again for services & some other gatherings during the week. These are all done in line with government guidance and we are doing al we can to ensure we are operating in a safe and welcoming way.

Please refer to the calendar for a full list of whats happening week by week.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the premises soon!

In compliance with the governments current guidelines, attendance at services in the Chapel will include:

  • physical distancing (seating will be every other row)

  • wearing masks, ages 10 and over. Proper wearing of masks, over the nose and chin, is expected.*

  • being symptom free

  • Please register here to let us know you are attending


We acknowledge that not everyone will be comfortable attending services in-person at this time. Families and individuals must prayerfully decide. Additionally, while we are taking serious measures to ensure that our building is a safe environment for our guests, please understand that attending services in-person comes with inherent risks.


If you consider yourself to be high-risk, please do not attend a service in-person.

Please note that while this is our current understanding and plan, the situation continues to be dynamic. We anticipate that this plan will have adjustments, and we're grateful for your patience, understanding, and flexibility.